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The Thrive Programme

The Thrive Programme is a life-changing, evidence-based training programme that empowers you with the skills, insights and resources in order to take control of your life, overcome any symptoms or problems you have, and thrive! The Thrive Programme is not therapy. Neither is it magic, it is a programme tailored to be simple and understandable for everyone to gain the skills for mental well being.

Life-changing? Absolutely!thrive-programme-workbook-cure-your-emetophobia-workbook

The Thrive Programme delivers a totally fresh approach to learning and achieving lasting happiness, mental health and success.

Created by Rob Kelly – a therapist with over twenty-five years clinical experience – and a team of researchers based at Cambridge University.



Almost every issue or symptom that a person can suffer from is driven by psychological and/or emotional forces. Our programme will teach you how to manage your thoughts, emotions and beliefs so that you are in control of you life.

I want to tell you again…The Thrive Programme is NOT therapy. In fact, it is the polar opposite! It is a programme teaching you the skills to put in practice yourself. Therapies and treatments tend to wait for a person to become unwell or stressed and then show them how to respond to it, or offer support during the problem. The Thrive Programme, however, trains you to become so psychologically effective that you won’t get so anxious, stressed or depressed and when you encounter the challenges of life, you will have the skills and resources to take anything on, with complete confidence in yourself.

The journey to thriving is different for everyone, and we all have different starting points. You might have been suffering from a problem for years or have a new problem that you are finding it hard to deal with. The Thrive Programme helps you to see a clear path forward that will not only enable you to overcome the problem, phobia or anxiety that you are currently encountering, but – even better – to go on to thriving. Clients completing the programme usually report feeling significantly better in a matter of weeks, and the programme is carefully designed to be easy to understand and easy to follow, ensuring anyone can do it as long you want to and work hard.

The Thrive Programme is effective for people of all ages, and it has helped thousands of people to overcome a host of personal difficulties. Consultants are skilled in tailoring the programme so that it is effective for you, helping you to gain self-insight and to develop skills that are integral to the programme.

The training takes on average 8-10 hours to complete, on a one-to-one basis. Most people spread the training over five or six weeks – give me a call to discuss your availability and how we can make this work for you.Having been through the programme myself first i can tell you personally it needs your commitment and hard work. But you don’t have to believe it, or you don’t even have to believe in yourself at the beginning. I certainly didn’t. You just have to try.



The Thrive Programme is also ideal for those who are interested in personal development and have a sense that things can be better. Your existing skills and resources can be built upon and strengthened to learn how to live a Thriving lifestyle and how to habitually maintain it.

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Isn’t she lovely, 75 years is to much, don’t let this be you.