I can cope!

The most important thing that I learnt from Thrive is that I  CAN cope! Maybe its not nice, but I can do it. That was my favourite lesson of all. Was it that simple? Well Sort of, yes once I really believed it! If you had asked me a few years I would have told … More I can cope!

Over thriving?

Is that possible to over thrive? Well no I don’t really think it is. But I need a reason that it has been around 6 months since my last blog post don’t I? So over thriving it is….. Since overcoming emetophobia my life has changed so much I never seem to stop. All of the … More Over thriving?

Introduction blog

Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog…. so I have made the first step and decided to join the blogging world (I have only just learnt how to really use facebook and Instagram so now I am expanding here) Now I have a blank page in front of me waiting to be filled. My … More Introduction blog