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the_thrive_programme_landscape_largeHello everyone my name is Emma

I am an ex emetephobe. I suffered badly with emetophobia for nearly 20 years until I went through the thrive program myself. Almost 2 years ago.

This came as a big surprise to me, from daily panic attacks and to scared to leave my mothers house, endless unhelpful coping techniques, not drinking alcohol, not able to hold down a job or a boyfriend (more on my emetophobia in my videos on youtube) to travelling and living abroad, living some of my dreams with my 2 dogs and a cat without a worry. Some things I thought were never ever possible for me, I had totally given up any hope.


(Honestly) I didn’t actually believe in the Thrive programme (probably i should not say this, but I didn’t) I had tried hypnotherapy, counselling, medication, exposure therapy and some other tactics. Nothing helped me at all, not saying that they will not work for anyone, but for me personally I just got worse and worse to the point of giving up. I was wasting time one day on facebook when an add for the Thrive book came up. (probably because my most searched words were anxiety, emetophobia, how to stop being sick etc) The internet seems to be clever like that linking stuff that you might actually want! Almost i couldn’t be bothered to try, or to waste any more money  trying to cure it. So why would a new program work? After checking the reviews and reading about it for hours and hours (remember i had nothing to do as i was to scared to leave the house at the point, particularly because it was winter and the bug was around) The reviews were good so i decided to give it a go…. why not?? This was the thing, I didn’t even have to expect it to work, all i had to do was participate and give it my best efforts. So I did, I  only gave little effort at the beginning but I did start to improve and everything that was written down seemed as if it was written just for me, which got me interested and hooked, even though still not believing at that point it could help. But after some time it did work and it worked far far far better than I ever imagined…. which is why I am here now, having decided to train to become a thrive consultant so that I can help others with a problem which is so personal to me. I want to share my story and offer faith that it really is possible to overcome mental health problems and live out your dreams.

I now currently live in Fuerteventura and have a part time job as a dancer in stage shows, which is something I always wanted to do but the phobia completely stopped me. For fear of getting sick on stage or being near people with germs, over excercising, you name it I linked everything to do with being sick and it held me back from everything. Again For more on my story please check out my youtube channel Comethrivewithemma and see my other videos.


Above is a picture of the tattoo I actually got this before deciding to train as a consultant myself. Its a reminder for me to keep thriving. Its now a little embarrassing to have your job title written on my wrist.  But at the point I had no plans to become a consultant, I just wanted to mark what was very very influential to me in my life.

Please feel free to  look at my blog, instagram, facebook and youtube all of the social media sites #comethrivewithemma  which has more detailed stories on how my phobia was, and how the program worked for me.

Thanks for reading

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