I can cope!

copeThe most important thing that I learnt from Thrive is that I  CAN cope! Maybe its not nice, but I can do it. That was my favourite lesson of all.

Was it that simple? Well Sort of, yes once I really believed it!

If you had asked me a few years I would have told you that I CAN NOT COPE, I would prefer to die rather than be sick. Really, this is a very sad statement and painfully common for almost everyone suffering from emetophobia. It may sound incredibly dramatic (which actually it is) like a teenage girl attention seeking. But we really believed this, I really believed that I could not cope, that if the time came where I was exposed to a sickness bug I would prefer to die. I want to say that again, over the choice of a perfectly natural but mildly unpleasant bodily function I would have chosen death. To end my life. This is still difficult to admit, looking back I almost don’t recognise myself at all. Starving myself through fear of contaminated food and more food means more ‘sick’. Safety procedures and locking myself away.

Well that is what I believed. But that is just it, A belief, it wasn’t a fact.

So what was I thinking?

Of course I can cope! I have since proof and evidence that in actual fact I have coped perfectly fine! Where did I get that really unhelpful belief from? It doesn’t really matter but we need to get rid of it. Obviously it isn’t as simple as that otherwise we would have all given up the hand washing and sell by date checking a long time ago. However it is very possible, and I want to encourage everyone that they can do it to.

Please let me help you, I can not recommend the thrive programme enough, in fact I feel its my duty to bully everyone with emetophobia until they think about it! Please message me via email or on facebook. I will be more than happy to explain more and answer any questions that I can. You can cope to. Really you can, you just need to be shown how.

We can all cope!

Take care


ex emet and proud 🙂

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