Lanzarote camping with my dogs.

Hello again Thrivers


So yesterday we came home from a well needed amazing 5 day trip to lanzarote. We decided to go on a last minute trip in our car (which has a bed inside) camping with the dogs. I don’t know if you know about the canary islands but dogs are not allowed on the beaches. It doesn’t stop people, but you have to find the local areas where you can generally get away with it. 2 years in fuerteventura without a fine yet.


This was going to make out trip a little more complicated, so we researched before we went for some quiet non touristy areas that we could get away with taking the dogs.  Having only decided a day before that we were going, we didn’t have much time, and needless to say we didn’t find much.

This is why we thought it was a good idea for me to write this blog, for others who might what to do Lanzarote free style with the dogs like us. I am still not sure if i want to broadcast the quieter spots but hopefully this blog doesn’t make it very obvious, we don’t want everyone to know. (but at the moment my page isn’t very well known, so hopefully only people who are really looking for this info can find it)

So first step…. Corralejo to Playa Blance via Fred olsen Ferry, we chose this one as its faster, so less time for the dogs to sit in the car. They are not allowed on deck with you.

Arriving at Playa Blanca it was around 4.30 in the afternoon, just enough time for us to go check out wnning spot number 1. Los charcones, we actually found out about this on another blog which I will try and find again and link in the comments. This is some natural pools, truly beautiful once we actually found them, after following google which took us no where, then a websites bad directions into a building site and water works. We dissected the directions a little more. Eventually we found it… here are my directions

As you head out of playa blanca and reach the first big round about take the third exit, left. on the left you will see a sort of Industrial centre, drive through there and out  the other side through the houses, head for the coast, pass a small water work centre. You will see a big abandoned hotel on the coast. Park there, look over the cliff to paradise! Climbing down is fairly easy, but its not ideal for kids, people with fear of heights etc.

After a sunset dip which unlike us we headed back to Playa Blanca as apparently there was some important football match to watch. So we had a beer in a bar which was called Snoopy’s. The sweet man made us some chip/nata/garlic dish his mum used to make for him when he was a child. I drew on mIMG_20170509_194502y map and pretended to understand what was happening in the football. Seems it was a good result!

After we needed to find out first camping spot, but it was already dark, we ended up at Playa Quemada, cute little village. Lovely listening to the waves and some unusual birds at dawn. We didn’t stay long as in the morning we headed off for supplies. Trying to get organised. Ikea, mercadonna and decathlon did the job.

On the way past we decided to check out the actual dog beach in Playa Honda, Playa Guacimeta which is to the far right, there is a carpark we asked the downloadgirl working there and she said the other side of the bridge, its not just the other side, park there walk over the little bridge and along the edge of the airport until you see the sign. The fact that the airport is directly behind you isn’t great. But its a real dog beach which is rare, and it even has good access the sea and real sand. So my dogs thought it was a winner! Well Iggy did, He is a water baby. Kiara only liked to play with her ball away from the sea.

Next stop was probably my favourite. After driving a bit, stopping at some volcanoes and view points we arrived at Charco del Palo. A not so well known nudist resort. DSC_1295Well kept secret. Driving along the main coast road heading north its easy to miss the small sign pointing here. A turning off just at the entrance of Mala. Quite a long winding road leads to a surprisingly big resort. We parked at the main point just to look around, of course signs everywhere saying no dogs. So we tied them in the shade for 10 minutes while we saw a beautiful cove, with a little layered beach, Full of very friendly welcoming nude people. We embraced there style and jumped in with them at one of the swimming pool like coves. Not expecting to find a camp spot here we started to drive out of the village but there was a track off to the right……. more swimming pool coves with no people, perfect place to park our car, let the dogs run around, have a barbecue and set up camp. Perfect location, here we did lots of diving in, snorkelling around the caves and the cove. Sadly we don’t have many photos as Edo didn’t realise the gopro was actually turned off. But even so it was perfect for a sunset dip and an bath first thing in the morning before heading off for the next day.


The next day we did a little touristy things (we are tourists after all) we went to Cueva de los Verdes and Pardelas Park. Caves and Animals 2 things I love. The Cave was a nice experience, made us laugh as the guide said everthing you will see down there is natural except the lights. We had to laugh with the natural steps and hand rails, even the natural chair and tables.DSC_0028 But joking aside, it is an impressive cave and worth a visit. Next time we want to find some of the secret caves. The Park was very quiet and lacking something, but we like to look at animals where ever we go, lovely set up, a really friendly owner and animals.

After driving along the amazing view point of Mirador Del Rio over La GraciosaCAMERA

the Next stop Famara. This place is not a secret, but its amazing and I can say with dogs go to the right (as you look at the sea) go through the bungalow village, along a dirt track above them. then you come onto a well set up track with little parking spots and well appreciated bins. Each little area has a stone circle which is a great barbecue and relaxing spot out of the wind. This was another favourite camping area. The favourite of the dogs, one side of the car the big long stretch of beach for Iggy to run free in the little waves and the other side as much mountain as Kiara could possibly want to explore.

The following morning we had breakfast a delicious cafe in the village of Famara and went as far as we could to the other side of the big coast. With an amazing view of the big beach and cliffs. Here we chilled for a few hours in the amazing sun while Iggy made friends with a big dog and Kiara relaxed under the umbrella.

So after spending a little to much time in the sun we faffed about weather or not to go to la Graciosa or not, but we (he) finally decided to go next time, as there are no cars allowed there, its all walking and as I was hoping along due to hurting my foot in a rock/dog water bowl accident it didn’t make much sense to go, plus we didn’t have much more time before we had to go home. So we drove through some little villages, all along the coast, near La Santa where there is a big wellness centre and some interesting coast… but we carried on into the national park. Here we found another amazing spot, the favourite of Kiara, black sand, yellow plants, red rocks. A little area that looks like it was designed (by nature) for camping, rocks perfectly places for the barbecue and soft sandy areas out of the wind. Here we actually ended up sleeping on our blanket watching the stars and listening to the waves.

We actually spent a lot of the next day driving around the national park, seeing the views and the wild rustic landscape, the black rock and sand with the bright green vines. We also stopped to see Lanzarote a Caballos. Again we can’t miss seeing the horses and animals. Another great place but suprisingly quiet. But worth a visit. Also a little black sand beach on the side of the road just past El Golfo (where we also stopped for a picnic and to see the green lagoon)  which I am not reccomending for dogs as it was quite busy but unlike most beaches it had no sign saying no dogs so we were prepared to play dumb, and we are so glad we did and there was a warm ish pool, which our little princess Kiara even enjoyed a swim.

I don’t know how the day, or even the days just disappeared very quickly.  They have a habit of doing that when your having fun. But it was suddenly getting dark and we hadn’t found a camp yet. We carried on along the coast, but this side is very open and flat and the wind had picked up making it a little chilly. So we actually ended up where we started and spent the night at los charcones. We almost did the entire coast of lanzarote and this is what we found. I am positive there are many more amazing spots we missed. But here is just a few for you to enjoy with you 4 legged friends. The next day was ferry day, so we had breakfast in marina Rubicon and walked around with the dogs, and the edge of the marina is a wall over looking a rocky beach, so we hopped down there, no one was around, and it was easy to get in for a swim with the dogs once again, walked along and you can get up the otherside of the beach to carry on the walk.

Finally we found the other official dog beach further along the coast Playa de Las Coloradas. This is in between some hotels. It has strict rules, Dogs allowed 7-10am and after 7pm (more or less) but we were there at 2 on a sunday and there was lots of dogs so we of course joined it. Relaxed here for an hour before catching the Ferry home. Here is Iggy looking at home in the distance. Fuerteventura.DSC_1410so all 4 of us had a wonderful time, maybe its harder with the hairy ones but it makes it 100% better. We will do the same with every canary island. So now we are home, with a tan, knowledge of our neighbour island and love for it to, lots of pictures of rocks, weird colour hair. (sun and sea doesn’t mix with blue/red hair) and happiness.

Once again I am very thankful for Thrive, this is the sort of trip that I would have only dreamed of before, no toilet, no safety,  no fridge, no shower, washing ourselves and our crockery in the sea. But total freedom and I can’t wait to set off on the next one.

If you made it this far I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Emma, Edo, Iggy and Kiara

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