Introduction blog

Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog…. so I have made the first step and decided to join the blogging world (I have only just learnt how to really use facebook and Instagram so now I am expanding here)
Now I have a blank page in front of me waiting to be filled.
My first question is, have I really got enough interesting things to write, to fill many empty pages? Well lets see?
Secondly I am now aware how bad my grammar and spelling is for writing (sorry to my English teachers from school) I want to blame living in Fuerteventura….. my English has got worse and worse. But my Spanish has barely improved….so I don’t think it is fair I make excuses, so I can only apologise!
Ok so I should introduce myself and what my blog is going to be about. My name is Emma I am 27. I come from England but currently live in Fuerteventura with my Italian boyfriend, 2 dogs, 3 cats and 2 friends in a static caravan on a horse ranch. (more about this later)
But most importantly I want to explain that I used to have Emetephobia, many of you will not know what this is. It is a severe (and admittedly stupid) fear of vomiting. Yes fear of being sick, the relatively normal and unpleasant experience we all do on occasion. I am going to explain on other posts the severity of this phobia to try and raise awareness and more importantly offer some faith as it is possible to overcome. This is exactly what I have done, my life has changed beyond belief and I want to share I am walking and talking (a lot) proof that it is possible to overcome the life controlling phobias.
Again more on this later….. I cant tell everything on my first blog, or what can I say on all the others??
So thank you for reading this far, and if you are interested please find me on Instagram comethrivewithemma and youtube comethrivewith (can you see a pattern forming here?)

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