Come Thrive With Emma

the_thrive_programme_landscape_largeHello everybody my name is Emma and i want to welcome you to my website Come Thrive With Emma.
On this website it will explain what thriving is and how you also can overcome many common symptoms and problems.
You will be able to find out about me and what we can do together.
Also how i overcame my emetophobia and learnt to thrive.


This is my personal testimonial video for Rob at Thrive after overcoming emetophobia myself.
Please subscribe to my youtube channel. Youtube.com/Comethrivewithemma. On there you will find all of my thrive videos, explaining how my emetophobia was along with my own experiences with my video blog. Then you can find some less professional personal videos.
If you like my youtube channel please also find me on facebook and instagram. @Comethrivewithemma #comethrivewithemma Thanks for watching Emma x